CG-Headcase variable Font

Play with the font here!

Variable fronts are an extension to the OpenType format announced by Google, Apple, Adobe and Microsoft in the summer of 2016. This technology allows for multiple stroke weights, slant values, heights, or other variations to be a part of the same design, and the user can choose the appropriate values of each category to arrive at the perfect form for their designs. Related to the earlier GX and Multiple Master formats, this new technology was explained eloquently by John Hudson here. We can help you make use of your type designs in the Variable OpenType font format. To interact with a variable font in action, just move the "Play with the font here!" slider at the top of the page.

If you'd like to upgrade your library to variable fonts or release your next font family as a variable font, let my expertise help you. Please contact us for more details, or a quote.

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