TrueType Hinting

TrueType flavored OpenType fonts require special code to make them render well in some environments. This is important when these fonts are used in Windows systems, and the results are particularly noticeable when the font is used at smaller sizes, or in complicated glyphs. The operating system makes use of this code (called “hints”) to render the glyphs as legible as possible, when simply scaling the glyph outline would result in a sub-optimal shape. This code is necessary when fonts are used as web fonts, for the millions of Windows users out there.

PostScript make use of a different type of hinting which is less glyph dependent using font wide zones which need exact settings to render your art in the most appealing way possible.

We have been developing TrueType and PostScript hint code since the late 1990s for many different clients including Red Hat, Monotype, Dalton-Maag and House Industries. We can develop hint code for any fonts, optimizing the code for the appropriate operating system and font design. The code can be customized to be as exacting as needed, or to use as little space as is required. Contact us for more details, references, or a quote.

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