Jason Campbell is a visual communication specialist with experience in font development, project management, software engineering team management, and quality assurance. He has experience in OpenType feature development, technical production, and TrueType hinting for Web Fonts and fonts used in digital devices and operating systems. He writes Python scripts for font production using FontLab and RoboFont, among other font production tools. He has experience developing in Python, Javascript, Java, HTML and CSS.

Client list includes Monotype Imaging, Ascender Corp., Typekit, Dalton Maag Ltd., and House Industries.

Specialties: Truetype Hinting and Font Design, Python programming, Javascript, CSS, HTML5, Adobe CC and CorelDraw Illustration, Web Site Design, Writing, Proofreading and Editing

Employment History:

House Industries

Font Development Manager
Jan 2012 – Jun 2020
Wilmington, DE
Responsible for font mastering, TrueType hinting, OpenType feature development and font quality assurance, as well as technical support for clients. I also did project management and maintained font data sources for the House Industries Library. Additional responsibilities included web site configuration for new font releases.

Dalton Maag Ltd

Font Engineer
Mar 2011 – Jan 2012
Specialized in development of TrueType hinting for custom fonts.

Monotype Imaging

Font Technology Analyst
Jan 2006 – Jan 2007
Analyzed design and output of rasterizers, layout engines and font tools.

Senior Font Quality Engineer
Jan 2005 – Jan 2006
QE testing of fonts for devices and software.

Font Production Manager
Jan 2003 – Jan 2005
Managed a group of 10 designers and engineers specializing in TrueType hinting and font development.

Font Production Artist
Jul 1997 – Dec 2004

Digitized fonts and developed TrueType Hinting.